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As an artist, Jean Angladon chose to use his mother's name. He was born in Paris, and entered the Avignon School of Fine Arts at the age of 20. There, he met Paulette Martin whom he married in 1932. Jean Angladon was trained as a painter and a wood engraver and was a very proficient engraver. During the war, he worked on journals published by his friend, the editor and poet Pierre Seghers.

Jean Angladon

Throughout his entire career, Jean Angladon was actively involved in the artistic scene in Provence. A painter, engraver and sculptor, he took part in many exhibitions, particularly with the Independents, the Group of Thirty, and the second Group of 13 in Avignon, where he played an important role. He inherited the outstanding family collection of art from his father, Jean Dubrujeaud, in 1968. Together with his wife, he prepared the project of a foundation to create a museum for the Doucet-Dubrujeaud family collection. His goal became reality on 15 November 1996.

Paulette Martin was from an Avignon family, and studied drawing, painting and wood engraving at the Avignon School of Fine Arts, where she met her future husband, the artist Jean Angladon. A resolutely figurative painter, who also painted landscapes, she took part in many exhibitions in Avignon, Lyon and Paris, where her great sensitivity was widely appreciated.

Highly discreet, she worked side by side with her husband on all of his projects, including the museum following his inheritance of the Doucet-Dubrujeaud art collection. She made several judicious acquisitions, including the Tang dancer, medieval sculptures, a marine painting by Joseph Vernet, and others. Widowed in 1979, her will called for the organization of the Foundation, which came into being 5 years after she passed away.

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