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Declared to be in the public interest in 1993


Jean Angladon-Dubrujeaud and his spouse, née Paulette Martin, who inherited the Doucet collection in 1968, are at the origin of the Foundation which they created in their will, prior to passing away in 1979 and 1988, respectively.
The Angladon-Dubrujeaud Foundation came into being on 9 February 1993. The first mission was to create a museum in the private mansion left by the donors. After several months of construction work to create the museum and bring the building to standards, the museum was opened to the public on 15 November 1996. Madame Anne Marie Peylhard was chosen as the Curator.
A 15-member board of directors, currently chaired by Monsieur Gabriel Ourmières manages the assets left by the founders and the museum operations.
Ex-officio members are: the Minister of the Interior, represented by the Prefect of Vaucluse, the Minister of Culture represented by the Drac, Avignon City Hall, the Fondation de France which acts as Treasurer, and other members chosen by the founder and the board members for their capacities.


President: Monsieur Gabriel Ourmières
Curator: Madame Anne Marie Peylhard
Musée Angladon - Avignon -