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We offer theme visits of the museum and workshops (see list below) to school groups from nursery school through high school. We also work with teachers to prepare and offer special projects.

4 Tales at the Museum
The magic Prince (A Chinese tale) / Animals are waiting for the summer / A tale about water / An African tale
Theme visit (whole class) in the museum
Shapes, color, light / Tales in the museum / Cézanne or Van Gogh in Provence / What are you painting / Portrait - self portrait / A museum ? A painting ? An image ?

Short workshops
Rapid theme visit, whole class, followed by workshops in smaller groups: 2 or 3 rotating workshops, the children participate in each. Active participation by the teacher is required. Modules can be chosen from among the following:
Composition of a still life / Still life by Cézanne / The Rose by Derain / The Hare by Manet / Photographic portrait / Self portrait / Modigliani / Foujita: Portrait , Self portrait / Caricature / Picasso and Arlequin / The Dancers by Degas / Daumier and Sancho Panza / Sisley and color / Van Gogh and color / Riddles and discoveries / Puzzles-discoveries / Drawing

A day at the Library - Museum
This day raises children's awareness as to the riches and roles played by the Angladon museum and the Ceccano Library youth section, based on a common theme. (Library: 04 90 85 15 59)
Van Gogh and his era / China / Africa

A Day at the Museum
Theme visit in the morning. Workshops with half of the class in the afternoon. Activities in the morning, short workshops the afternoon, or - based on a painting, the frame.

Workshop in 3 or 4 sessions
What is sculpture ? (starting in 1st grade)
Games with color (starting in 2nd grade)
Variations on a work
Theme visits
A theme visit of the museum which invites students to think. Based on the themes, questions can be prepared before the visit - questions for the activity leader, or questionnaire for the students.
What is a museum ? / Great modern artists / Interpreting works of art / The profession of painter: tradition and modernity / The century of enlightenment / The portrait

One painting - slides
Analysis of a painting and focus on one part of the artist's work
Van Gogh in Provence / Cézanne and still life
These visits are based on the same themes as the middle school program, and sharpen the students' way of looking, inviting them to think while looking at the works. Time can be set aside for personal work - drawing, questions, analysis of paintings, research …
For more inforrmation:
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